How To Become A Movie Extra

Want to learn how to become a movie extra? Movie extras are people in movies who don't have dialogue. For example, if a movie scene takes place on a crowded street, the director will need extras to line the crowded street. Sometimes extras are in the background, but other times they may even be in the foreground depending on a particular scene. If there is a hospital scene, the director will need movie extras to play patients and hospital employees such as nurses, doctors and orderlies.

Things you'll need:

  • Copies of "Hollywood Reporter" and "Variety"
  • Computer with internet connection
  1. Become a movie extra by checking out "Hollywood Reporter" or "Variety," both of which are trade journals for the entertainment industry. If you look in the help wanted and classifieds sections, you will find various openings for movie extras. Additionally, check out the auditions listed.
  2. Visit online sources where you can search for jobs as movie extras. One example of a website is Entertainment Careers where you can put "extras" into the search engine on the site to see current openings.
  3. Contact the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). The Screen Actors Guild has a section for background performers and can provide you information on how to join their union and find jobs as movie extras.

Follow these tips to become a movie extra and you'll be hanging out on a movie set in no time. Knowing where to look for movie extra advertisements, both online and off, as well as gathering some info from SAG will give you the advantage over others who are less informed.



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