How To Become A Mutual Friend On Facebook

Figuring out how to become a mutual friend on Facebook is pretty self explanitory. A mutual friend on Facebook is anyone who has shares some of the same friends as you. Person A is friends with Person B. Person B is friends with Person C. A and B have a mutual friend in C. Easily find new mutual friends through a variety of avenues on Facebook.

  1. Find mutual friends via suggestions. On your Facebook homepage you can find friend suggestions toward the right of the feed. If you and the suggested person have friends in common, click on "# mutual friends" under the person's name to be taken to a list of friends you have in common. Suggestions from other friends to make someone a mutual friend can come under the "Friend Requests" icon. Or make friend suggestions to other friends to add to your mutual friends lists.
  2. Search the friend lists of your friends. Become a mutual friend on Facebook by checking out the friends list of your friends. Go to your friend's profile. On the left side, you will find your friend's full friend list, as well as a list of mutual friends. Add to mutual friends by sending a friend request to someone not on the mutual friends list.
  3. Search for people's names. Do a search for a particular name. When the results list comes up, the number of mutual friends will show up under the person's name. Add the person as a friend to become a mutual friend on Facebook.


  • Just because someone is a mutual friend, doesn't always mean that you can trust that person. Ask for recommendations or contact mutual friends you already know to verify.
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