How To Become An NBA Player

Every kid who has ever played basketball for their local school, church, or community organization wants to know how to become an NBA player. It's sort of an honor to be dubbed among society's most athletic and be recognized as a player in the National Basketball Association. The NBA, as it is colloquially know, was founded on the 6th of June, 1946. The league was all-Caucasian for several years, until its official integration in 1950 with the addition of several African American and one Japanese American NBA player(s). All in all, the association has seen several young kids become an NBA player and make it to the professional, what about you?

What you will need to be the next NBA player:

  • Your own basketball
  • Nice basketball shoes
  • Free time to devote to club basketball
  • Calm under pressure
  • Determination
  1. Start from an early age. This is perfect for the younger readers out there. Those still in grade and middle school still have ample time to hone their skills to be an NBA player. Join your school's team and show up to every practice/game.
  2. Buy the gear. What's a warrior without his sword and shield? Every good NBA player has some sweet kicks and their own ball. Go out and purchase a new pair of  Jordans (or whatever strikes your fancy), some nice mesh shorts, and a reliable basketball.
  3. Train, train, and train. Kobe Bryant isn't a product of some random basketball-genetics, he gets out there through thick and thin to make himself even better. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school b-ball team; so what did he do? M.J. went out there and trained himself to become an NBA player of the highest caliber! Simply practicing, with some dedication sprinkled on top, can do wonders for even the worst of shots.
  4. Look out for scouts, impress the right people. Some colleges and even NBA franchises like to scout high schools with notable talent. Don't be afraid to meet and greet these important individuals after you play the game of your life. Specifically mention your basketball skills when you apply to colleges or smaller leagues. The NBA Development league is always scouting and willing to look at fresh, new players.
  5. Attend camps or other events hosted by big name players and teams. Let's face it: connections do play into your chances of being an NBA player. Meetings the right people could never hurt.

To become an NBA player, you will need a combination of talent and excellent PR. Great skills are essential, but worthless in the long run if you can't correctly publicize it to the right people. Get your name out there, champ!

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