How To Become An NFL Football Player

Have you been wondering how to become an NFL football player? Dreams of entering the NFL as a pro football player enter the minds of many young American men, but very few will actually make the cut when compared to the numbers of young men who will not. While there is really no way to force the hand of the NFL, there are things you can do to prepare for both becoming an NFL football player and surviving in the sport as a professional.

  1. Play football in high school and college. The NFL requires a minimum college time before you can enter the Draft, so college is an absolute must when considering entering the NFL. The more you play, the more footage there is of you playing. You will also stand out more as an excellent team member and an excellent football player.
  2. If you play football well in high school, you increase your chances of earning a football scholarship to a good football college. You'll have to study and do well of course, but being on a football scholarship helps you stand out more. Attending a college with a good football team helps you shine more, too.
  3. Do not aim to be the best player on your college team, especially not at the expense of helping the team win. Instead, aim at being excellent in your position(s) and possibly winning awards or honors while on the college team.
  4. If you stand out, you will likely get an invitation to attend the Combine, where you will have the opportunity to impress NFL scouts before the Draft.
  5. After the Combine, you will be anxious, naturally, but your hard work should pay off by Draft day. Your phone may start ringing with offers to become an NFL football player on an NFL team.



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