How To Become A Paintball Dealer

Many wanted to know how to become a paintball dealer because they have seen the opportunity to provide the game aficionados with fun and supplies they need. If you are one of the game enthusiasts, then becoming a paintball dealer will be much easier since you have the full experience of the game and in the better position in marketing paintball supplies and accessories. This way you can turn your hobby into a business venture that will give you both fun and income. 

You will need:

  • Business plan
  • Paintball supplies & equipment
  • Office space and staff
  • Website/Internet connection 
  1. Make a business plan. Becoming a paintball dealer depends on the extent of business that you wanted to undertake. Being a paintball dealer can be from a simple buy and sell type or trading or tie up with distributors or suppliers. You can also consider providing a wider space to host tournaments in the future, but this will entail more precautionary measures like getting insurance to cover up expenses when mishaps happen while hosting a competition. 
  2. Choose a good location for your business. Select a place to do your business. The place should be accessible and manned with skillful staff that is well acquainted with the paintball sport. As a paintball dealer, you should bear to look for a place where you can do expansion later.
  3. Begin to acquire paintball equipment and supplies. As a paintball dealer, your main business is to sell paintball guns, carbon dioxides cartridges, helmets, masks, goggles and other supplies. Make sure to stock enough supplies as much as the demand requires. There are various wholesalers and distributors that you can link up with.
  4. Do business online. Create a website where you can market your products. This is a good way of selling your stuffs and at the same time takes your business into a global market. If you consider Internet as your venue, consider other concerns like shipping, delivery, and mode of payment. Be aware also that there are lots of paintball dealers out there, so better make a buzz to get ahead with them.
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