How to Become a Party Promoter in Los Angeles

If you're a people person living on the west coast and you're looking for a job that offers fun and flexibility, learn how to become a party promoter in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is home to the Hollywood elite and there are many parties going on each and every weekend. Party promoters are in high demand at clubs, bars and some restaurants. You couldn't choose a better location to start this career endeavor. Follow these tips to meet success with your party planning.

  1. Decide if you want to be a freelance party promoter or work for one specific employer. In Los Angeles, it's possible to do both. If you find the right company or club, you could end up having a lucrative position, but those are rare. You may fair better if you set your sights on promoting multiple companies and events on a weekly basis. You should start applying to different employers if you only want to work with one company.
  2. If you decide to work as a freelance party promoter in Los Angeles, you'll want to make a business plan. You'll need to establish how you will promote yourself and your business of party promoting; how to best contact potential clients; how you plan on turning a profit; what hours you have to give to promoting and if you plan on having employees in the future. Explore all your options and considerations that are particular to what you want to do. Luckily, party promoting is a business that you can start without taking a business loan, but you still may want to consult with the Small Business Association for help in starting your party promoting freelance career and small business.
  3. Create a website. You'll want to show a fun picture of yourself. Create a fun atmosphere on the website. You want it to represent the exact impression you would ideally have your clients think of you and your services. Seek references, even if you have to promote a couple of events for free to get your foot in the door. You must make money with the endeavor, but you need to have a few initial clients that are complementary. Make sure the second job is paid, though.
  4. Stop by clubs or bars during off hours. You never want to pop into a club during the busy times of the evening and ask to speak to the manager or talk business. It's during those hours that the workers, manager and maybe owner are in party mode and catering to their guests. Most professionals who work in the club environment get that. If you go and try to talk to them at those hours, they'll see you as unprofessional and rude. Instead, go to see them by appointment, if possible. Be sure to call first. If you must stop in, do it late in the afternoon or early in the evening. If it's a restaurant, go between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.
  5. List your services with the yellow pages and online directories, such as Yahoo! and Google. People rely more than ever on the internet to find the services they need. There are many party organizers in Los Angeles who are seeking party promoters every week. Be seen when it matters.
  6. Look for ads for party promoters. In addition to advertising and having clients come to you, you'll want to answer ads for party promoters, especially when your business is young. An exact fee is often advertised on the ads and you can decide whether it's worth your time. Consider who is holding the event as well. Sometimes a connection can be worth gold in and of itself.
  7. Promote yourself. Just as you must promote the parties and events as your specialty, use that same mastery for promoting yourself. It will give potential clients a taste of the services they can expect from you.
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