How to Become a Party Promoter in New York City

If you long to be in the party scene in one of the most populated and famous cities in the United States, you'll want to learn how to become a party promoter in New York City. As a college city and a mecca for young adult professionals and the show business elite, New York City is the perfect place to connect party animals with the best places to celebrate, party and live it up. Take advantage of your people skills and your own personal love of a great party to get this career in motion.

  1. Make the decision about the type of party promoter that you want to be. You'll either be working independently or with a promotional group. You may even also opt to work for one specific club or locale that is in need of consistent promotions for parties and special events. Decide on how important it is for you to be told where to go and what to do, or how much you'd value being your own boss. If you're not at a high level of responsibility or don't have any promotional experience, it's best to start working with a promotional company.
  2. In order to be a freelance party promoter in New York City, you will need to create a detailed business plan. In doing this, you should consult the Small Business Association if you aim to do this independently. They provide mentors and also online examples of business plans that have been successfully executed. These will show you all the essentials, and the organization can help you meet up with those who have made it in your field and who want to help you succeed. For the plan, start by picking a niche for your party planning. You are in New York City, after all, where the opportunities are plentiful, but the competition is stiff. You have to stand out to be seen and heard as a party promoter in New York City. Therefore, start by considering what it is about how you promote that truly stands out and what will make a client return time and again for your services.
  3. Start a Twitter account. The page should clearly establish that you are a party planner available for events in New York City. You may use your personal account for promoting, but it may benefit you to start one specifically for your party promoting, especially if you tweet things in your personal account that may alienate others. You want to be all-inclusive and create tweets that have an upbeat, party mood for your business. Also, open a Facebook account. You also want to make your own personal website. Name your party planning business after checking to make sure that you can get the website address, as you want your brand to match across all of its forums.
  4. Make connections. Go to New York City parties if you can, and find out who threw them. Try to network in this way. Also, seek ads for companies that need party promoters. Before accepting or turning down a party planning job in the beginning, consider if it pays well enough. If it doesn't pay well enough, consider if it will grant you any other perks, such as an important connection that can lead to many other lucrative jobs. Be business savvy as you get your party promoting attitude down.
  5. Visit clubs, restaurants and event companies. Try to find the name of the manager or owner of each establishment before walking in, and make sure that your info is current. Walk in looking as if you know what you're talking about. That will leave a great first impression. Dress and act professionally on these visits, and you may just jump start your career. If you want to truly be a New York City party promoter, you must commit yourself to these visits at least once per week to continue to grow and add clients.


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