How To Become A Party Promoter

To become a party promoter is one of those endeavors that can start out slowly. The initial hurdles can be extremely difficult, but once you get going, being a party promoter can be excessively fun, lucrative and easy. Just think. Getting paid to drink and hang out with hot people, what a job! Coming from someone who has done this for the past 8 years, being a party promoter can be the one of the most enjoyable jobs you'll ever have.

  1. The best way to get started promoting parties is to pick a venue that you enjoy going to. This way you already know the demographic of the folks that show up there. Not to mention, you like the spot so if you can snag a party promoter gig with this place you'll be getting paid to come to a place you'd probably be going to anyway. Make sure it's a place that could use a greater volume of people.
  2. Once you've picked a spot you want to promote. Introduce yourself to the manager of the place. You can call an ask to speak to the boss, but It's a better idea for them to see you in person. Meeting the manager in person allows he/ she to get an idea of your style, and nine times out of ten, because you go to the place anyway you'll "look" like the type of person that attends that type of spot. Make sure you have a thorough plan to increase their numbers as their party promoter.
  3. Be sure you know what management is doing as well. Finding out as much as possible can actually help your weekly party promotional approach. Find out the DJ's playing your nights. Find out the drink specials too. Anything you can use for your promotional purposes will help you in the long run.
  4. Don't be afraid to offer your own ideas for helping to increase the numbers. This shows that you actually care about what happens to the place. It also shows that you're not just in it for the money. Having the cooperation and respect of management will make your job run that much smoother. One idea that has always worked for me was creating a detailed V.I.P. list that offers free entry and drink specials for the people on the list… Guaranteed to help you increase the numbers.

After you've succeeded in getting the management to give you a shot, don't blow it by not following through. Through this entire process you need to have a salesman mentality. You sold yourself and your ideas to the club. Now as the club's party promoter, you're selling the club to the public.  It's up to you to convince people that your place is the place to be.

The trick is to promote your parties without sounding like you're selling. Make the people you talk to feel as if they made the decision to come to your place, not that you pushed them to the decision. Use every resource at your disposal. Online social networks, email services text message plans are you're best friends. The most powerful tool however is your mouth piece. Tell each and everyone you meet about your party and what you personally, through the club can offer them and their friends. Once the ball gets rolling and the word spreads that your place is hot, just sit back enjoy yourself and collect your money. Play your cards right, and you can turn this into a real business working for multiple places.



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