How To Become A Pharmacy Technician

Want to know how to become a pharmacy technician? As a pharmacy technician, you will be helping the pharmacist fill medical prescriptions for customers. Pharmacy technicians count pills to make sure the patient is getting the correct amount of medication that has been prescribed by a doctor. You will be answering phones and performing customer service related duties at the customer service counter. Pharmacy technicians spend a lot of time standing on their feet while working. Most pharmacy technicians work in retail drug stores.

Things you'll need;

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  1. Study and read information about what pharmacy technicians do to help you become a pharmacy technician. Complete high school or get a GED to help you get started. Keep in mind that there are no formal educational requirements in most states. Obtaining a two-year degree or some type of certification in a related field will increase your chances of becoming a pharmacy technician.
  2.  Volunteer to work at a hospital pharmacy to help you become a pharmacy technician. Working as a volunteer will prepare you for the type of work you will do as a pharmacy technician. Talk to pharmacy technicians and ask them how they became pharmacy technicians while you are volunteering. Interview the pharmacist and ask him what steps to take to become a pharmacy technician.
  3.  Apply for jobs as a pharmacy technician to help you become a pharmacy technician. Contact the human resources department where you did volunteer work and ask him if are there any pharmacy technician positions available. Write a resume and cover letter or have someone to do this for you. Mail your resume and cover letter out to hospitals, nursing homes, retail pharmacies, drug stores and medical facilities to help you become a pharmacy technician. Do not forget to fill out job applications to become a pharmacist technician.
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