How To Become A Pro Skateboarder

Many skating enthusiasts have dreams of learning how to become a pro skateboarder. Learning how to become the next Tony Hawk is not impossible. With passion and focus for the sport, a novice skateboarder can turn their dream to become a pro skateboarder into a reality.

Things you'll need:

  • Competition wins
  • Sponsors
  • Press kit
  1. Skate often Becoming a pro skateboarder requires passion, which requires skating every day. Skate to school, skate after school, visit skate parks and travel to different cities to try their skate parks. Even Tony Hawk still skates at least two hours a day, so anyone aspiring to be a pro skateboarder needs to skate relentlessly.
  2. Join a skateboard association Joining professional association can advance anyone’s career in just about any field. Joining professional skateboarding associations can put aspiring pro skateboarders in contact with people and organizations that can advance their career tremendously. Organizations like the United Skateboard Association (USA) can put skateboarders in contact with other skaters, professional skateboarders, potential sponsors and provide information about future events and competitions.
  3. Standout from the crowd In order to become a pro skateboarder, skaters have to make themselves known. One of the best ways of putting yourself out there is competing. Consult with USA to locate events and competitions in your area for beginner to intermediate to professional skateboarders. Develop a few innovative tricks to showcase at these events. Another medium to standout from the sea of aspiring skaters is to make a video and post it online. Many sponsors look for new talent online; this is a great way to get sponsors located half way across the world to know who you are and showcase your talent.
  4. Secure a sponsor Most skateboarders would agree that a novice has turned pro once they have won a few competitions and secured a sponsor. Securing a sponsor will help skateboarders compete on national levels such as ESPN’s Extreme Games and the World Cup. In order to find a sponsor, identify companies you would like to represent and check out their website. Lots of companies have sponsorship information located on their websites. Make a press kit containing videos, photographs and a list of all the competitions entered and won and send it to potential sponsors.
  5. Have fun Do not forget how much fun skateboarding is,aside from it being a profession. Many skateboarders who fail at securing professional status do so because they lose sight of their passion for the sport. Remain cool and have fun with the sport and within time, someone will take notice.
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