How To Become A Pro Skater

If you are interested in skateboarding as a career, you will have to find out how to become a pro skater. You will need to develop and practice your skateboarding tricks in order to get noticed by the judges at an amateur-level competition. Once you develop a routine to use, work on polishing it until you have each move down pat. Consider wearing some bright clothing during competitions so you stand out, and try to behave in a professional manner before and after the competition.

  1. Sign up for an amateur skateboarding competition. To become a pro skater you will first have to do well at the amateur level. Consider each competition as another step to reaching the pros. Have a friend or relative video the competition, so you can study your opponents. If you perform well, skateboarding sponsors will begin to take notice and may approach you after the competition. Ask them what you need to do to improve your chances of making it as a pro skater.
  2. If you did not perform well at your first competition, work on your routine. Review the video of the competition, and see if you can find out why you did not place high. Watch the tricks your fellow competitors performed, and see if there are any that you can add to your routine. If you want to become a pro skater, continue to practice and enter other competitions.
  3. Eventually you may place in the top tier at a competition. If you do not get approached by a sponsor, go up to their tent before you leave and introduce yourself. Many skateboarding sponsors constantly look for fresh talent to represent their company. If you act professional and carry yourself well, the sponsor will see that you are not a flake who is just out at the skate park to have fun. Tell the sponsor you will wear their gear for free if they are not interested in cutting you a deal. After such a bold offer, the next time you compete they will be looking for you to see how you perform.
  4. Continue to refine your skateboarding skills. Talk with other skaters, and absorb as much information as you can. Try to meet some of the pros at their competitions. One of them may take a liking to you and give you some pointers. All pro skaters have sponsors, and the skater may introduce you to one that he represents. It will be up to you to perform well enough at your amateur competitions to make the sponsors want you to represent them, which can get you an invitation to compete as a pro skater.
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