How To Become A Pro Staffer For Hunting Equipment

Some hunters just love the experience of being in the wild, hunting with good friends and pursuing challenging game, but for some, learning how to become a pro staffer for hunting equipment adds another level of recognition that is difficult to surpass. Becoming a pro staffer adds another level of pressure to the hunt – now other hunters are watching to see your level of proficiency and how well the gear you represent holds up under the pressures of the hunt. To become a pro staffer you've got to hone your skill as a hunter, and your presentation and marketing skill as a spokesperson.

What you'll need:

  • hunting gear from the company you would like to represent
  • camera or video camera
  • belief in the gear you use
  • a history of big hunts and clear success
  • a reputation as a safe and ethical hunter
  1. Build your skill the right way. Companies want pro staffers who express the right values about hunting, so develop your skill as an archer, rifleman and/or shot gunner without cutting corners. Don't use technology like lights or motor  vehicles to overcome sporting chance and outdoor skills. Always take clean, safe shots to harvest an animal.
  2. Become a competitor. Hunters and companies want to see your skill as something to aspire to, and relating to the gear for which you become a pro staffer is based upon your skill with that equipment. If you're into large game, pursue trophies, and don't settle for a lesser animal. If you hunt upland game, develop both your shooting skill and ability handling dogs. Remember, as a pro staffer you are representing the gear and modeling the best in hunting ethics.
  3. Attend industry events. Becoming a pro staffer is based on your relationships with the industry. Know the gear, but ask questions and describe your experiences using the company's equipment, and show images of your success. Being a pro staffer isn't about you, it's about what you have to offer and how the company you are working with can assist you in helping them. Create the sporting relationship first, then build the financial relationship.
  4. Create a promotional venue. To become a pro staffer you need to be visible. Develop your writing or blogging skill and your presence in front of a camera.
  5. Accept discounts first and be wiling to field test new gear. Often your relationships will lead to becoming a part of the test pool for new products before becoming a pro staffer. Gladly test equipment or accept discounts on the gear you plan to use and be a good partner by providing your feedback. 
  6. Be on your best behavior in the gear and around other sportsmen and women. As a pro staffer your conduct represents your company's behavior. Nobody is looking for a bad boy hunter that breaks all the rules – even basketball, hockey, and dare we say golf, have given up on bad boy spokespeople and pro staffers.
  7. Sell the product and  measure your ROI. As a pro staffer the company you represent is looking for a return on their investment. Your activities need to be tracked and measured to show the company's investment in you as a pro-staffer helps meet or exceed company goals.

Becoming a pro-staffer is like many other professional careers. Build your competence, then show your value as a pro staffer. When it's clear to the company you will be a natural fit.

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