How To Become A Professional Boxer

Begin your career as a professional boxer by learning how to become a professional boxer. This is a very dangerous profession so be prepared to receive several blows to your head and upper body as you prepare yourself for this profession. Keep in mind that professional boxers usually have short careers and are prone to injury. There is very little job security in this profession. You can become successful if you work hard and lean how to fight. The pay is based on how good of a fighter you can become.

Things you will need:

  • Boxing Club Membership
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Boxing Helmet
  • Boxing Shoes
  • Mouthpiece
  • Manager
  1. Start at an early age to help you become a professional boxer by reading about how other professional boxer’s started their careers. Begin your career as a boxer as soon as you can because the older you become the harder it will be to win fights as a professional boxer. Get a trainer to help you get in the best possible shape so that you can fight opponents and win matches. Maintain a routine training schedule with your trainer.
  2. Join a boxing club by applying for membership to help you become a professional boxer.  Pay all the fees and membership costs and make sure you sign-up for your weight class so that you will fight against individuals in your weight category. Prepare to fight against other boxers only when you are in excellent health and never step in the ring if you are not feeling well.
  3. Search for a boxing manager so that he can set up sparring matches to help you become a professional boxer. Hire a boxing manager and most managers will charge between 10%-15% to set-up fights and sparring matches for you. Arrange to get a boxer’s license in the area where you plan to fight professionally and you can also join one of the boxing commissions and there is a fee (i.e., IBF, WBO, or WBC).
  4. Work with your manager and trainer to help you become a professional boxer. Fight against fighters that you all can agree on by matching your skill set against a potential fighter. Prepare for fights through training with your trainer and get your manager to direct, control, and organize fights and you will become a professional fighter but you have to win fights.

International Boxing Federation


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