How To Become A Radio Presenter

Need to know how to become a radio presenter? The answer may be much simpler than one would imagine. Radio presenting is one of the few professions that people can begin with no formal training and a lot of personality. There is extreme room for growth with the average pay being between $20,000 and $75,000. A person who attempts to become a radio personality should take the following steps to live the dream.

  1. Remember that training is very important. It is completely possible to walk into the producer’s office and gain a job without any formal training, but the chances of getting the position are much greater with training. Keep in mind that many presenters possess various professional degrees and certifications in journalism, so it is best to keep up with the competition.
  2. Gain experience in a real world environment. Many experts in the field suggest starting with Hospital Radio to gain the necessary experience. There are also internet radio options that will allow the aspiring radio presenter to gain comfort with the radio environment. The more experience the better. It is best to remember that the pay during this time period may be zero to just a few dollars, but the training is priceless.
  3. Obtain employment in a radio station. The best way to persuade a radio executive to give over radio time is to prove work ethic and personality. A secretary or janitor employed in a radio station can use those jobs to work towards a radio presenting career.

There are many options available to those who wish to become radio presenter. The outcome could potentially be a radio show. Don’t dream about becoming a radio presenter start working towards it today.

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