How To Become A Repo Man

If you've got a knack for getting people to pay up on loans, you might be interested in learning how to become a repo man. A repo man, or repossession agent, works to recovery property from those who have defaulted on loans. If someone refuses to pay what is owed on everything from cars to boats and the like, a repo man steps in and repossesses the property. Repo men may work independently and be self-employed, operating their own private business, or they may work for a repossession company. Becoming a repo man involves understanding the specifics of a job which can be challenging and potentially dangerous. Read on for more information on how to become a repo man.

  1. Determine Whether You Want the Job. Repo work for the most part is done quietly and without incident, but this doesn't mean that confrontations with angry property owners don't happen. If and when they do, a repo man must be prepared to deal with the situation, using conflict resolution skills if at all possible. Because of the nature of the job, some repo men may carry weapons, including firearms, to protect themselves from harm. Repo men may also work odd hours, possibly at night. They may be on call on weekends as well. If you aren't yet sure whether you want to become a repo man, talk to others working in the field to get an idea about what they do.
  2. Find Out About Licensing Requirements. Repo agents will often work with vehicle repossessions-this means if you want to become a repo man you'll need access to a tow truck. If you don't own one, you may want to consider looking into leasing one. As a tow truck operator, you'll be required to get a Commercial Driver's License, or CDL. You will be required to take a written exam given by your state's transportation department in order to obtain your CDL. In addition, you may also be required to secure a special license to become a repo man in your state. Requirements vary, so check with your state's motor vehicles department to determine whether this is needed.
  3. Find a Job. If you have no prior experience working in the field of repossessions, you may want to consider working for an established agency before you strike out on your own. This will provide on the job training you'll need, along with an opportunity to network with other repo agents. You might also consider creating business cards and networking directly by visiting area collection agents and letting them know you are available for work.


Commercial Driver's License

State Requirements

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