How To Become A Shoe Designer For Nike

Do you often find yourself wondering how to become a shoe designer for Nike? Congratulations. Today is your day. Becoming a shoe designer for Nike requires years of hard work and effort. The Official Nike website states, "It takes more than passion for sports to stay on top of our game, it takes the extraordinary." If you embody that extraordinary that Nike is seeking you are within arms reach of landing the job of your dreams.

  1. Educate yourself in all things Fashion and shoe design. It would do you great justice to obtain a fashion degree from an accredited university. There are a few cases in which others have slipped through the cracks and landed a position without a degree. Acquiring a fashion degree would ensure you have all that is needed to present yourself in a professional way. This would make it easier for you to launch a career in being a shoe designer for Nike. There are many art and design schools that offer degrees in fashion design. After researching all the different colleges and the programs they offer, enroll in a academic program that focuses on shoe design.
  2. Secure an internship. Employees appreciate the fact that you have real-world experience to compliment the education you have acquired. Participation in an internship is one of the best ways to obtain the real life experience that Nike is seeking. Applying for an internship position at Nike is also an option. You can apply in person at Nike Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. The other option for applying is to go to, Nike's Official website. Instructions, as well as the requirements for acquiring an internship with Nike is available online at the touch of your fingertips.
  3. Build Your Portfolio. Acquiring employment as a shoe designer for Nike requires you to have a strong portfolio. This portfolio should represent the full range of your abilities and creativity. Display your original designs through your internship experience and academic work.  
  4. Find employment in the fashion design Industry. The ability to maintain a consistent work history that shows growth is greatly appreciated by a major company like Nike. Developing the tools and skills necessary to excel as a shoe designer for Nike requires several years dedicated to working in the fashion industry.
  5. Apply to Nike. Frequently check, the official site for Nike, for available career positions. Apply for any applicable jobs. Contact Nike company representatives to find out who is in position to hire new designers. Send a copy of your portfolio to those responsible for hiring new designers, along with your resume and cover letter. It is imperative that your desire to become a shoe designer for Nike is portrayed in your willingness to take all the necessary steps to make this dream a reality.
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