How To Become A Skinny Skateboarder

Need to know how to become a skinny skateboarder? Just like surfers wear certain clothing, and snowboarders wear certain clothing, so do skateboarders. The style has changed over the years and will probably continue to change. Read on for some tips on achieving the skinny skater look.

  1. Original skater gear has changed. Several years ago, skateboarding meant baggy pants-wearing, slightly shagged-out-style skateboarders, not the skinny skateboarders we all know now. Make sure you are capturing the right look for you.
  2. So here is the skinny on how to be a skinny skateboarder. It's out with the loose-fitting jeans and tees. Now it's those snug-fitted jeans that you thought only girls should wear. But if you're a skateboarder, you're going to be putting on the male version of skinny jeans, the casual T-shirt, and your hat and heading out the door with your skateboard to be part of the skinny skateboard trend. Maybe it's not even a trend for some. Maybe some just like the style.
  3. Skinny skateboarder jeans work now, but what about down the road? Baggy jeans were the in thing a few years ago.  Skinny skateboarder jeans are the in thing now. But what will replace the skinny skateboarder look in the future?
  4. The fashion piece that seems to stay? The baggy jeans look may be mostly gone if you're a skinny skateboarder. But the one fashion statement that has stuck through the years so far is the basic tee. Some skinny skateboarders also wear a dogtag necklace as an accessory, but not all of them. The dogtag necklace seems to be the one accessory that sticks around, too.



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