How To Become A Skydiving Instructor

Knowing how to become a skydiving instructor can be an experience of a lifetime. Skydiving can be an exciting, exhilarating and fulfilling sport to those who have a passion for it. The thrill of leaping from a plane and the addiction of skydiving gives some people the desire to want to become a skydiving instructor. Anyone who gets that rush and gratification from skydiving may decide to become a skydiving instructor.

 To become a skydiving instructor you need:

  • Certification
  • Instruction training
  • Instruction Rating Manuals (IRMs)
  1. Become a certified trainer. Become fully certified by completing the training program to skydive on your own. To make sure you have the proper training you will have to be tested periodically and have to keep log of the number of set hours trained.
  2. Choose the area of skydiving you want to become and instructor in. The four areas of skydiving instruction are instructor-assistant deployment, harness-hold, tandem and static line. You can select one or all areas of skydiving to train in if you decide to do so. Starting out with one and then adding another can make the processes easier.
  3. Choose a specific instructional rating you would like to study. The three basic ratings that skydiving instructors can choose from are instructor, instructor examiner and coach. 
  4. Study the Instruction Rating Manuals (IRMs). The Instruction Rating Manuals contains all the information needed to become a skydiving instructor.
  5. Complete all of your training instructional skydiving courses. These courses include all of the guidelines and regulations you'll need to become and expertise in skydiving. Once you have passed the course you will be given your instructional rating for your discipline and then may begin to train new skydivers and enjoy being a skydiving instructor.



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