How To Become A Staff Accountant

For those who want to learn about how to become a staff accountant, first know that they are is usually employed by an accounting firm. There are some basic requirements that must be fulfilled for those interested in wanting to become a staff accountant. The staff accountant may work for a private or public company. The accountant is responsible for maintaining the company’s financial records. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants earned a median annual wage of $59, 430 in May 2008.

  1. Obtain a college degree. Choose an accounting program offered at many universities and colleges. Most employers require an accounting degree to become employed as a staff accountant. Many individuals who desire to advance into management positions may obtain a master’s degree in accounting or business administration. You may also pursue an associate’s degree and obtain an entry level accounting position.
  2. Become licensed. Most states require that you become certified by your State Board of Accountancy to become employed as an accountant. Before receiving certification, you are required to take a national exam. Many states require individuals to obtain at least 150 college hours before becoming certified.
  3. Obtain experience. Many colleges and universities offer internships that allow potential accountants to obtain experience. Include internships on your resume to show potential employers your skills.
  4. Learn to utilize accounting software. You will be required to use accounting software if you become employed as a staff accountant. Familiarize yourself with basic software and ensure that you are proficient. You may also contact a potential employer and inquire about the accounting software that is utilized by its staff.
  5. Join an association. Joining a professional accounting association may allow you to network with other experienced accountants. You may be offered mentoring, advice and other assistance that will help you prepare for a staff accounting career.
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