How To Become A Surf Instructor

Need to know how to become a surf instructor? Surfing is a skill that can be learned, but you have to be in good physical shape to be a surf instructor. You’ll be teaching individuals how to surf. Keep in mind that the safety of your students is the most important part of becoming a successful surf instructor.

To become a surf instructor, you will need:

  • A surfboard
  • Business cards
  • A surfing wetsuit
  1. Get CPR certified if you want to become a surf instructor. Read books and publications to pick up useful information about becoming an instructor. Volunteer to work for a beach community as an instructor's assistant to find out what exactly surf instructors do.
  2. Interview current surf instructors to gain helpful insights. Prepare a list of questions to ask the surf instructor about how he got the job. Listen to the instructor and follow his advice.
  3. Prepare yourself to take surfing lessons. Study and watch carefully what the instructor is teaching you so that you can learn the proper teaching methods. Take the lessons for at least three months.
  4. Consider trying to become a certified surf instructor. Obtain the certification and you can make more money as a surf instructor. Promote your surfing services in the beach community. Teach students what you have learned, show them how to surf and collect your fees.
  5. Always keep safety in mind. Inform the students that safety is the most important step when learning how to surf. Continue to teach as a surf instructor and you can reach the master’s level.



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