How To Become A Talent Agent

So you’re ready to make the big move and learn how to be a talent agent. Getting a break as a talent agent can be as difficult as making it as an actor. Talent agency positions are sometimes referred to as hidden jobs; they aren’t the kinds of jobs that you generally find advertised online or in the paper. Because of that, a large part of how to become a talent agent is going to be about who you know.
  1. Ask around. Since talent agent positions aren’t advertised in the usual way, you should use any connections that you have to the entertainment industry to find them. If you’re going to film school your teachers and counselor may be able to help you with the leads and guidance you need when you want learn how to become a talent agent.
  2. Call local talent agencies. If you aren’t able to get anywhere with friends or teachers, you can call the talent agencies in your area and ask them if they’re looking for new people. Since most talent agents work strictly off commission, some agencies are willing to aspiring talent agents come in to learn the ropes.
  3. Get hired as an intern. One of the best ways to become a talent agent is to get an internship at a talent agency. Being an intern allows you to work at the talent agency doing office work and learning how to become a Talent Agent. A lot of people who start out at a talent agency as an intern usually go onto careers at the talent agency they intern at, or at another agency. The only downside to starting at a talent agency as an intern is that it may not always be a paid position. But the lack of pay check may be the price you have to pay to learn how to become a talent agent.
  4. Start your own talent agency. Hollywood is full of stories of guy’s like Gary Schilling—a member of Elvis’ “Memphis Mafia," who had a successful career as an talent agent and manager after leaving the fold—who started their own talent agency with little experience in the entertainment world. All you need to start your own talent agency is the drive to find new talent, and the wits to market that talent to Hollywood. Starting your own agency is the more difficult way to learn how to become a talent agent, but those who have done it successfully find it to be the most rewarding.
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