How To Become A Tennis Coach

Has it been your dream since a little kid to become a tennis coach but have no idea how to become a tennis coach. If this sounds like you then you have found the perfect guide. In this guide we will go over the basics to becoming a tennis coach. Before we get started let us say good luck to you and enjoy coaching once this is over.

  1.  The first step to becoming a tennis coach is to head over to your nearest book store and start reading up tennis. You want to know the in and outs of tennis before even thinking about becoming a coach. Also watch a lot of tennis games and take notes during the game. You never know you maybe coaching in the exact situation you are watching one day.
  2.  The second step to becoming a tennis coach is to practice coaching. Some examples of this are volunteering at the YMCA and teaching kids how to play or teaching your neighbor how to play tennis for the first time. You can also become an assistant coach. If you decide to become an assistant coach take a lot of notes and review them that will boast your tennis IQ and prepare you for your first head coaching gig.
  3. The third and final step to becoming a tennis coach is to get certified. All you have to do is join the United States Tennis Association and the Professional Tennis Registry. Congratulations you now know how to become a tennis coach. Hopefully one day you can be coaching the next major tennis star. Good luck.
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