How To Become A Thrift Store Cowboy

Do you want to learn how to become a thrift store cowboy? Whether you're broke and scraping by or filthy rich and just looking for some cowboy kicks, you can become a thrift store cowboy on the cheap nearly anywhere in country. As long as your local thrift store is rife with cowboy boots, Stetson hats and plaid shirts out the hooyang, you'll be able to pull off a thrift store cowboy look.

Things You'll Need:

  • A little bit of cash
  • A budget
  • A mule or donkey
  1. Determine how much you want to become a thrift store cowboy. Consider that, even though you're shopping at a thrift store, you still might be out $50 or $75, depending on how much you buy.
  2. Develop your look. Depending on your size and stature, think about what colors and prints will look good on you. Don't buy huge buffalo check shirts if you're already a little portly. Think about smaller plaid or paisley shirts. Leave the buffalo check for muscular guys who can get away with wearing their shirts unbuttoned a little.
  3. Visit your local thrift store. Start at the pants aisle and find a pair your size. Pick a boot cut pair that isn't baggy in any area. However, make sure they're not so snug they creep into the nether regions. Picking the seams out of where they don't belong is not only uncomfortable, it's grossly unattractive.
  4. Choose a long-sleeve cowboy shirt. Pick from plaid, buffalo check, paisley or even solids. Stay away from 1970's polyester unless you want to look like a BeeGee.
  5. Look for a pair of cowboy boots. Unless you live in the west, you might not get to be too picky about the fit and style. As long as they're in your size, you might have to take them. Consider washing them out when you get home before wearing them, as who knows who did what in them before you got them.
  6. Find a cowboy hat that suits your fancy. It doesn't have to match your hair color, but it should coordinate well. For instance, a straw-colored hat might compete with blonde hair, so pick a darker or much lighter color.
  7. Complete your look with a donkey or mulenot from the thrift store. If you want to make it as a thrift store cowboy, you'll have to have a ride and an inexpensive one at that. For a real thrift store look, forego the real horse and get a burro, mule or donkey. Or if you don't want to own one, just rent one for the day.



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