How To Become A TV Cameraman

Need to find out how to become a TV cameraman?  You have come to the right place!  There are several steps you need to take in order to become a TV cameraman.

  1. Education, education, education.  If you are serious about becoming a TV cameraman, an education is going to be crucial in doing so.  A bachelor's degree that has a focus on business and computer technology will prepare you for the world of the TV cameraman.  In fact, many colleges and universities offer classes that are geared towards making you a TV cameraman.
  2. Yeah, you have to work for free.  In your quest to become a TV cameraman, it is important to get some firsthand experience.  Most people shudder at the idea of working for free, but an internship at a local station or studio would provide you with the best chance to learn how to properly operate a TV camera.  There are also apprenticeship positions that you could apply for to help you become a TV cameraman.
  3. Get out there and schmooze.  Now you have your degree in hand, it is time to get out there in the world.  Your next step in becoming a TV cameraman is to work your contacts.  Hopefully while you were doing your internship or apprenticeship, you were gathering a list of BFFs.  These newly found friends who are already established in the world of TV can be your gateway into being a TV cameraman.  They will know who is hiring and be able to give you a good recommendation.  In turn, they will have friends they can introduce you to who can help you move up in the TV cameraman world.

Becoming a TV cameraman can be a hard journey, but an exciting one.  Once you have successfully navigated your way through your local studios, you can hopefully get jobs on the set of bigger studios.  With any luck, you may be able to get on the set of the show with that supermodel you love so much.

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