How To Become A Werewolf In Oblivion

Learn how to become a werewolf in Oblivion, by following a series of some simple steps that are explained below. Although werewolves are like humans, but becoming a werewolf in oblivion will not only help in gaining strength but will also help to increase endurance and speed. In the game, you get to fight packs of lethal werewolves and  you also sometimes run into random werewolves found in caves and in the wilderness. It is not as much fun in killing  those strong humanoids as there is being one of them by becoming a werewolf and then beating them up.

You will need to make sure that you have the following before you start on becoming a werewolf in oblivion.

  • Personal Computer
  • Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Werewolf modification
  1. Get the mod and the manager. In the previous episode of the elder scrolls, the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, you could easily become a werewolf even if you were playing the game on a console. However, in the elder scrolls IV: oblivion, you cannot become a werewolf until you have a modification. Unfortunately the console users cannot become werewolves in oblivion as consoles cannot be modified.
  2. If you are operating oblivion on PC then you need to download the modification for becoming a werewolf. Before downloading the modification, you might need to download a manager software for oblivion modifications which will allow you to easily toggle through different modifications.
  3. Launch the game. After selecting the mod from the mod manager, launch oblivion. This step will allow you to switch on the transformation mode for becoming a werewolf. If you explore the avatar features, you will notice that now werewolves features are available. However, these features only change the outlook of your character.
  4. Activate the werewolf transformation. After launching oblivion with the werewolf mod, load any saved game progress. When loading is complete, go into the weapons menu and then into the lesser power menu where you can select the option of werewolf transformation and finally become a werewolf. You can now play oblivion being a werewolf. 
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