How To Become A WWE Superstar

There are many aspiring rookies that have a dream to one day become a WWE Superstar. When someone wants to become a doctor, they go to school. If a female wants to be a cosmetologist, she will go to a cosmetology school. The same thing applies to anyone that wants to become a WWE Superstar; you have to go to professional wrestling school.

  1. Choose the professional wrestling school of your choice. Many professional wrestling schools do not require you to be a certain height or weight. The average height for a WWE Superstar is 6 foot, zero inches and they weigh over two hundred pounds. The price of the professional wrestling school will vary. Some schools may cost $250.00 per month or some will even charge their students $3,000.00 a month. The length of your tenure in pro wrestling school depends on how fast you have learned the craft.
  2. Try to stand out from the rest of the students. If you are an avid WWE fan today, you will see that many of the newer stars all look generic and “cookie cutter”. They all have the same stupid second grade haircut (that is the brown!); they have at least four tattoos of some type of tribe that would make any fan of the movie “Avatar” jealous. Long story short, the newer stars look bland. You have to stand out so the trainers can see if you have the “IT” factor. “IT” Factor means you have the look of a WWE Superstar and the charisma to match. The more you stand out, the better chance you have of becoming a WWE Superstar.
  3. Emulate your favorite WWE Superstar. They say imitating is a sincere form of flattery. Some of the biggest names in professional wrestling were stars because they emulated their idols. “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan is a carbon copy of “Superstar” Billy Graham. “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers passed the torch to “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. The list goes on and on. Try to watch as many promos and wrestling matches of your favorite WWE Superstar (s) from the past and the present. Learn their mannerisms, their idiosyncrasies, and their facial expressions. The things that made these WWE Superstars famous will eventually rub off on you when you continuously practice them daily.
  4. A professional wrestling school is not the only way to become a WWE Superstar. WWE officials have tryouts throughout the year. WWE Officials award WWE development contracts to rookies that have caught their eye. Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) is WWE’s developmental territory where they train wrestlers to prepare them for live television. Wrestlers will either be sent to the Raw or Smackdown! roster. Many wrestlers stay in FCW for a few months or several years. Your hard work will be rewarded.
  5. Being a WWE Superstar is not easy. These men and women travel on the road over 300 days a year. You have to be in tremendous physical shape. The wrestling mat is not a trampoline or a tub of Jell-O gelatin; you will get hurt if you do not train properly in the squared circle. A WWE Superstar is a dedicated athlete. You will not have an off-season and you will have little time to heal your wounds. The professional wrestling business only wants people with insane mental and physical toughness, and dedication to the sport. If you want to have a family, this business is not for you. If you do not like to travel, this business is not for you.

Tips & Warnings:

*Many students do not make it to graduation and many of them quit in the first week of pro wrestling school. Your trainers want you in peak physical condition and they will do whatever it takes to get you in perfect shape.

*Pro wrestlers graduate and go on to wrestle in the independent wrestling promotions; this does not mean you will make it to the WWE. Many pro wrestlers are still making no money wrestling in High school gyms and they will probably never make it to the WWE. Everyone cannot be a WWE Superstar. You have to stand out from the rest to accomplish your dream of headlining Wrestlemania.

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