How To Like Beer

People say that beer is an acquired taste, but if you do not have the acquired taste buds, your question is how to like beer. I have never really found it hard to like beer, especially when having friends over, or enjoying a sunny day! There are so many different flavors of beer, some light, some are dark and heavy, and I personally believe there is a beer for everyone’s taste. If you say you do not like beer, it is just because you have not found the right one for you!

  1. As we said earlier, we believe everyone would like beer if they tried the right one. What’s normal for most people, is that they will try a random low grade beer, or even a sip of there friends and they wont like it. Therefore, what happens next, is they are offered a beer after there first experience, and they will decline saying they do not like beer. There mistake was not trying any other beer that came there way. We know that most people that have there first sip of wine might not like it, but they will try again because there is so much more to choose from. However, for the sake of Beer, there's so many different tastes of beer that you will be surprised the next one you try.
  2. We have found myself trying every new beer we hear of from a friend, or a commercial. There are several that aren’t our personal preference, and even more we wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy, but we don’t give up, we keep trying. we personally have several favorites, but they might not be a friend’s favorite. There are some perfect for dinner, others for just an occasional beer while watching the game, and more for when you have friends over.
  3. The question is do you like cherry or blueberry. Well there are beers that are cherry and blueberry flavored, very enjoyable, leaving you wanting more. Did you ever try a summer ale, or sunset wheat, beautifully made light beers that I would not change for the world. How about New Castle brown ale that is very heavy but creamy and delicious. All of these are unique in several ways, so different from each other yet they are very delicious, and you might not ever try them, because you had a bad experience your first sip of beer. To like beer you have to try around. Just as you realized that wine was not the best, or the liquor made you feel sick before you even digested it, you will find the perfect beer for your uniqueness.

To like beer, we hope you first give it a chance, and second enjoy every opportunity to have to try a new beer, even if you do not end up liking it in the end. To like beer, we hope you open your eyes, and see there is more then just your average Joe beer around, and try something you would ever dream of being real. When you try these beers, we hope that you are smart enough to be responsible, not drink and drive, or allow your friends to. You can enjoy your self with out being stupid.

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