How To Begin A Gossip Column

Ever wonder how to begin a gossip column? If you love to read up on celebrities, pop culture and/or trends, why not start a gossip column? Posting about celebrities can be a lucrative and fun way to get paid for chatting about all the latest gossip news. Why not indulge your passion while you write about the latest happenings in the celebrity world? Here are a few tips on how to start.

Things you'll need:

  • A blog or website
  • Legitimate photo source
  1. Supplies to begin a gossip column. Before you begin to write about celebrities, you'll need to start a blog. Blogger or WordPress are platforms that allow people to create a blog for free. If you wish, you can purchase your own domain name, which usually cost about ten dollars. Domains can be purchased from web hosting service providers such as places like Namecheap or GoDaddy.
  2. Gossip columns need a niche. Gossip columns can be about anything from celebrities to fashion to pop culture. Decide on which area you'd most like to cover. For example, do you love talking about what the stars are wearing? When they get in trouble? The new trends in music or TV? The love lives? All of these are ideas to consider when you begin a gossip column.
  3. Gossip writers should have an original voice. Put your own spin on the news you report. Don't just rehash the news you read on other sites, but look for a unique angle that you can share. Your readers will read your gossip column because of your personality as well as the news you report, so be sure your individual voice and writing style come through.
  4. Find a celebrity photo source.  Never steal photos off another website. Instead, find a legitimate source that provides current pictures of celebrity events. Gossip column readers love to look at photos while they browse content. One source is, which provides free celebrity photos to anyone. 
  5. Post regularly.  Gossip columnists develop a dedicated readership. Posting on a regular basis will keep readers coming back day after day. Adding articles and photos twice a day will help you start your gossip column and acquire readers faster than if you post less frequently.
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