How To Behave In Bed

If you are engaged in a sexual relationship, it's important to learn how to behave in bed. Having manners and making sure that your partner is comfortable is important. Also, in order to prevent you from feeling discomfort, you will want to make sure that you are behaving in a way that indicates that you are confident.

  1. Do not hide yourself when you are naked.  Be confident about your naked body. If you think that you're hot, she will too.
  2. Be enthusiastic. One thing that men don't often think about when figuring out how to behave in bed is how to show her how much you enjoy her and having sex with her. When she strips naked, tell her how sexy she is. Become excited about performing oral sex on her. This will make her feel great and she will probably become much less inhibited!
  3. Make noise. Women like to hear that you are having a good time. No one likes a guy that is totally quiet. Behaving that way in bed will just make her feel insecure. However, don't scream or make any high-pitched noises. That is never a good sounds for a man to make in bed.
  4. Pay attention to her needs. Make sure that she orgasms at least once before or after you orgasm. Don't leave her hanging. That is just bad manners and no one should behave in bed that way.
  5. Use protection. Always make sure that you and your sexual partner are protected from disease and pregnancy.



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