How To Behave In The Office

Learning how to behave in the office can be like walking through a minefield.  The mixture of personalities and styles can make it difficult at times to determine exactly what kind of office behavior is appropriate.

  1. Always Be Professional.  You are in the office to work not play.  Always arrive on time to work and to any meetings. Always complete any assignments in a timely manner.  Be polite, courteous and pleasant.  Remember that your office behavior tells your boss a lot about you, so think of what you do as a presentation of your professional capabilities. Always work as if you were looking for a promotion, and you will soon get one.
  2. Don't Participate in Office Gossip.  Talking about other coworkers behind their back is not professional office behavior, and can cause serious problems.  Behave in the office as you would want someone to behave toward you.  Imagine how you would feel if you walked in on coworkers gossiping about you.
  3. Learn the Office Politics. Remember that the boss is the boss, but underneath the boss, there is an order to things. Find out how things are done and play by the office rules, no matter how ludicrous they may seem to you.  
  4. Remember Who's Boss. Never go over your bosses head without consulting him first.  Try to make your boss look good at all times, as this can lead to promotions and opportunities.  
  5. Accept Challenges and Extra Responsibilities. Prove your worth by adopting a can-do attitude. Remember to always give credit where credit is due for any group project you are involved in.
  6. Be Flexible. Implement changes that give you the reputation of being cooperative. 

Working in an office can be a great opportunity.  Learning how to behave in the office is the most important aspect of becoming a professional office worker.  Keep your mind on your work, and behave toward others as you would want them to behave toward you.  Respect your boss and your coworkers, and you will find success.


The Etiquette Survival Guide from Florida State University

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