How To Behave At Tennis Matches

Knowing how to behave at tennis matches is very important to the competitors. They have to keep their eyes on the ball at all times; they can’t afford to lose their focus. When a ball is flying across the net at speeds of at least sixty miles an hour they don’t need any distractions from fans. So when you get to experience an intense tennis match up close and not on TV, you need to know how to behave.

To behave at a tennis match you will need:

  • Cool head
  • Hat/shades
  • Cool drink
  1. Be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions. It may be bright and sunny at the tennis match or it may start raining. Be respectful of the fans around you, mainly the ones behind you. If you need to wear a hat to keep the glare out of your eyes make it a small one like a sun visor and leave the umbrellas in the car. It would make it inconvenient for the other spectators to see the tennis match.
  2. Fans are expected to stay in their seats when the tennis match is going on. Movement is allowed, but only when a play is not going on, which will only give you a brief moment to leave your seat. If you return to the stadium while the match is going on, you may not be permitted to return to your seat until that play is done.
  3. Cell phones should be turned off or put on vibrate. The stands are not always completely quiet, but there are moments when total concentration is necessary between the players. An annoying cell phone ringing doing a tennis match can cause distraction and irritation among the players.
  4. You may not agree with the official’s call, but your opinions should be kept to yourself. Ranting and raving about a call the official has made is not going to get them to change it, if anything you may get thrown out of the remainder of the game. You also, shouldn’t shout out offensive comments to players.
  5. Sportsmen like conduct doing a tennis match is OK. Fans do cheer and applaud their favorite tennis players—a little comradely is fine as long as fans know how to behave. The encouragement players get from their fans may be the boost they need to win the match.

A tennis match is fun and exciting to watch. You may find yourself as focused and intense as the players, but this is not the place to misbehave and cause disruptions. If a person feels they can’t behave doing a tennis match then it would be best for them to just watch it on TV.

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