How To Believe In Love After Divorce

Many people are attempting to find out how to believe in love after a divorce. There are several easy steps divorcees can take to help them realize that there is still love in the world. It can be very hard to believe in love after a particularly bitter break up especially if you were convinced that your spouse was the love of your life. Being in the family home and hanging around the places that you frequented as a couple can make the pain even worse and it can become a real struggle to believe in love after divorce.

  1. Remember the good times. Unsurprisingly after a divorce many people spend a lot of time reflecting on all of the negatives and the feelings of pain that they feel. Just because a marriage ended in divorce it doesn't mean that the good times never happened. Look at old photos that remind you of how you first got together. Watch the wedding video to remember how you felt at the time rather than how you feel now. Remember the love, not the hurt. 
  2. Join a support group. There are lots of support groups for divorced people. Talking to others who have found it hard to believe in love after a divorce helps people realize that other people have made it past these feelings before. Many people join divorce groups when they are at their lowest point. Divorce groups are often presided over but those who already made it through the break up, moved on and are living proof of love after divorce. 
  3. Become a charitable volunteer. There are many forms of love and some are demonstrated through random acts of kindness. If you start to become a charity worker you will have a chance to prove to yourself that there is love in your heart after your divorce. Working with those in need can be a very fulfilling experience and you are sure to feel love from those that you help.  
  4. Talk to friends and family. Talk to your elderly relatives about how they made their relationship work. They will more than likely tell you that they had ups and downs but if they are still in love after 30 or 40 years then you have hope of finding love again. Talk to you friends about their relationships and most, if not all will tell you about break-ups and rebounds and the fact that there is love after divorce. 
  5. Start dating. The best way to get yourself to believe in love after a divorce is to go out and find it. You could start with an online dating site or a blind date set by friends. You may end up in the company of a woman in the same boat as you. Talking about your past break ups helps you realize you are coming from the same place. Spending time with women again will soon become enjoyable and before long you will think it laughable that you ever wondered about how to believe in love after divorce.
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