How To Bench Test Car Audio Amplifier

Need to know how to bench test a car audio amplifier? Bench testing a car audio amplifier will allow you to test an amplifier before installing it in your vehicle. You will not need a lot of special equipment for the bench test if you just want to see that the system works and not take specific measurements. Follow these steps to learn how to perform a bench test on an audio amplifier for your car.

To bench test a car audio amplifier, you will need:

  • A car battery 
  • Electrical tape
  • Speakers
  • A car stereo
  • An RCA audio cable
  • Speaker wire
  1. To begin the bench test of your equipment, attach the car speakers to the amplifier. Use speaker wire to attach the inputs on the speakers to the amplifier audio outputs. Attach the car stereo to the amplifier with an RCA cable.
  2. Set up your car battery. If you are using one that is in your car, detach it from the car's electrical system before starting. It may be easier to take it out of the car to work with, too. Be very careful not to touch the power terminals to each other throughout this process.
  3. Attach the power cords for the car audio amplifier to the car battery. Attach the power cords for the car stereo to the battery as well. Secure the wires with electrical tape, since they will only be attached temporarily.
  4. Power on the car amplifier and stereo. Test the system as necessary. Check the connections first if you have trouble with the system. The car audio system should work as it would if it were installed in your car.

Remember that a car battery has a limited charge. You can buy a DC power adapter or a battery charger if you need to bench test a lot of equipment or run the equipment for an extended period of time.



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