How to Bench Test Car Stereo

Learning how to bench test a car stereo is useful if you work with a lot of car stereos, or want to test a stereo before installing it in your car. You normally will not need any special equipment to do this. Follow these steps to learn about how to bench test a car stereo.

What you will need

  • Electrical tape
  • Electrical wire
  • Car battery
  • Speakers
  • Speaker wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Car antenna
  • Wire stripper
  1. Prepare a car battery to use for the power source. You can use the one in your car, or another one. If you decide to use the one in your car, it is a good idea to disconnect it from the rest of the car first. Carefully remove the electrical cables that attach to the battery.
  2. Using the stereo's electrical wire, attach the yellow and red wire to the positive connection on the battery. Connect the black wire to the negative connection on the battery. To connect the wire, you can use electrical tape to hold the wires on temporarily for testing.
  3. To test the audio output for the car stereo, you will need some speakers available. Remove the power wires from the battery before attaching speakers. You can use the speakers in your car, or others. You will usually need at least four speakers to test all of the outputs at the same time.
  4. Using speaker wire, connect the speakers to the speaker outputs on the car stereo. Use the Wire strippers to remove a small length of wire covering and then connect wires to each connection on the speakers and stereo outputs.
  5. Connect an antenna to test the radio. Simply connect each connection on the stereo antenna input to the connection on the antenna.
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