How To Bend Glasses Frames

Your favorite pair of glasses somehow got a bent out of shape, and now you want to know how to bend glasses frames. Although it's always best to take your glasses to a professional, you don't always have the patience or time to take your glasses to the eye doctor to get them fixed. You remember hearing that it is possible to straighten out your glasses at home, but you want to make sure that you do it properly so that you don't break them or make them worse.

Eyeglasses frames are designed so that they can be adjusted  if necessary to accommodate most any facial structure. If you decide to adjust and bend the glasses yourself, you will need to be extremely careful and be completely focused. You need to know exactly what you want to accomplish, which is to make sure the glasses feel comfortable on your face.

The things required to bend your glasses frames are:

  • a cloth
  • your glasses
  •  your hands
  1. Place the glasses on a table or other flat surface in order to see which way they need to be bent in order to straighten them out.
  2. Place a cloth over the glasses to help prevent them from becoming scratched or further damaged. Especially with metal frames you want to be very carefully because that material can scratch very easily.
  3. Gently bend the glasses back into shape. The side that is up in the air (when the glasses are laying flat) should be bent down. Most of the time, pressure needs to be applied at the nose piece of the frame.
  4. Do not to apply too much pressure or use quick or jerky movements. The most important thing to remember when bending your glasses frames is not force them into shape, but to bend them gently so they don't become even more damaged.
  5. Take the cloth off to see if the glasses need to be straightened more, and repeat the process if necessary. Be aware that if you If you adjust your glasses too often, the metal may fatigue and break.
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