How To Bend A Note On A Bass Guitar

If you want to learn how to bend a note on a bass guitar, look no further than here. Bending notes on guitars and bass guitars is a relatively simple process and can really add a nice flair to your playing. You can incorporate them into many songs and playing styles, and they just go that extra bit toward making you a true musician. If you want to bend a note on a bass guitar, all you need is the guitar and some nice, strong fingers.

  1. Put your finger on the string you want to bend at the fret you want to bend at: "What?" It's not that complex. Put your finger on the string you want to bend, and make sure it's at the proper fret. If you want to bend an A up to an A sharp, be sure you're at the proper fret, so that you're playing an A.
  2. Put some other fingers above that finger for support: It helps if you use your ring finger to fret the note you actually want to bend. Then you can place your index and middle fingers on the string above the fret at which you want to bend a note on your bass guitar. This provides a bit of support and strength behind the bend, and will help make your pitch bend more.
  3. Push the string either away or toward you: Bending a note on a bass guitar is easier if you pull the string down away from you, but that might not be possible if you're trying to bend a note on the first string. Either way, you bend notes on a guitar or bass guitar by pushing or pulling the string perpendicular to the string itself.
  4. Bend a little for quarter tones, and a lot for larger tones: If you push the string just a little, you will probably get some sort of quarter tone. If you bend a bit more, you can get a complete half step, which means you've bent the note so high, it's like you're pressing the string down one fret higher. If you're particularly strong, and/or have strings with a lot of action, then you might even be able to bend a whole step up from the original note, but this is much more difficult.
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