How To Bend PVC Pipe

Learn how to bend PVC pipe and gain the convenience of doing this on your own whenever you find it necessary, especially with your plumbing needs. While there are preformed fittings of PVC pipes available to buy anytime, you can't ensure that it will be the right fit for your needs. You can learn how to bend PVC pipe easily with these simple tips.

You will need:

  • Tape measure
  • PVC pipe
  • Pen for markings
  • Heat gun
  • 2 x 4 woods
  • Wet rag
  • Gloves 
  1. Measure the pipe. Divide the entire length of the PVC pipe into two in order to get its middle part. Mark this using a dark pen or a light colored one in case of colored PVC. Aside from the middle part, you should also mark six to ten inches from both sides of the mid line. The second measurement is actually the heat point of the pipe. This is the area where you will apply the heat gun in order to bend PVC pipe.  
  2. Lay the PVC pipe on pieces of wood. A 2 x 4 scrap of wood would be great to make sure of lifting the pipe off the floor. The marked heat point should be well within the two pieces of wood.
  3. Start up the heat gun. Make sure to lay out the PVC pipe on the wood properly before you plug in the heat gun. Wear the necessary protective gears. Apply the heat with about two to three inches gap from the PVC pipe. This would avoid scorched portions of the PVC. Move the heat gun evenly within the marked points passing the middle area to bend PVC pipe.
  4. Turn the PVC pipe over. Do this in a clockwise direction every quarter of a turn of the PVC pipe while applying the heat. This should help you gradually bend PVC pipe easily.
  5. Stop heating. Once the plastic begins to sag, you can start to bend PVC pipe slowly. Do it carefully to avoid possible burns, as the pipe may still be hot. Also, ensure to place the heat gun in a safe place away from you.
  6. Bend the PVC pipe. Hold the PVC pipes tightly on both ends and roll it around to bend the PVC pipe on your desired shapes. When you are done, wipe the PVC pipe with a wet rag as such will help cool down and harden the PVC pipe.
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