How to Bet in Blackjack

Knowing how to bet in blackjack is one of the best ways to make money in the casino.  Aside from poker, blackjack offers gamblers the best odds to beat the house. By utilizing a sound strategy to bet in blackjack, gamblers can reduce house advantage to less than one percent. The following article offers a few helpful tips for how to bet in blackjack.

  1. Learn basic strategy:  Counting cards is the best way to beat the house, but since most casinos now use eight decks per table, an effective card counting system requires tons of patience, a huge bankroll, and some sort of team. Following a basic strategy will give players a sound understanding of when to hit and when to stand. Many websites offer free basic strategy guides. Understanding basic strategy will teach players how to bet in blackjack and when to bet big.
  2. Avoid sucker bets:  Sometimes the dealer will offer insurance. Taking an insurance bet in blackjack means that you are betting the dealer will have a blackjack. This is largely considered a sucker bet and should be avoided. There are a few exceptions, all of which are outlined in the basic strategy.
  3. Avoid false strategies. There are a few strategies commonly used to bet in blackjack that should be avoided at all costs. The most destructive of all bad strategies is to keep hitting until you reach (or get close to 21) this “strategy” is beyond reckless and will hardly ever work.
  4. Another bad strategy used to bet in blackjack is assuming the dealer always has ten in the hole.
  5. The last commonly used bad blackjack strategy is the “never bust” strategy. In this strategy the player will take extreme measures to avoid busting. For example, they may not hit on a hard twelve. This type of play actually increases house odds by up to four percent. Avoiding these poor strategies and learning basic strategy will give you a strong foundation to bet in blackjack.
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