How To Bet On Greyhound Racing

Learning how to bet on greyhound racing can dramatically increase the enjoyment you get from the races, and can even turn into a new hobby. It may take a while to get the hang of the betting system, but the steps are not hard, and the opportunity to get more money in your pocket is a great incentive! Greyhound racing is popular  for good reason, and learning to bet will help fully immerse you in the sport.

  1. Find a place to bet. You can go to a track to watch the races live and bet there, or go online, or to a sports bar that offers gambling. Each have their advantages and disadvantages, but most seasoned gamblers will recommend going to the track in person to watch the dogs.
  2. Look at the greyhounds closely. Just like horse racing, greyhounds vary from race to race and season to season. Check the odds on each dog and, if you are at the tracks, watch it closely to see how to appears. Often there are experienced oddsmen who can assist you with navigating the odds, but you can also do this yourself. Decide who you want to bet on.
  3. Decide on your wager. There are many different ways to place a bet in greyhound racing. You can bet on a greyhound to win or place, which are very common. Or you can do other wagers, such as a trifecta, which you pick the top three placers, or a quiniela, when you pick two greyhounds to finish first or second.
  4. Place your bet. State your bet by amount of money, type of wager, and number of greyhound. Be absolutely sure before you place your bet. Most areas have rules prohibiting changes in wagers, so make sure what you put down is what you want.
  5. Watch the race and collect your winnings! This part is easy, of course. Just sit back and watch the greyhound race, and afterwards go pick up any of your winnings. You can then decide if you want to cash out or place another bet.

Watch the odds closely before placing your bets. Often, if the odds on a greyhound drastically change suddenly before the race, it is because someone received a tip, and it can be worth it to follow this. Spread your betting lightly over many races. Don't place a large amount on a grouping, but rather, place a couple of bets at a time. In other words, take it slow. Winning can make you feel lucky, but if you show restraint you just may pay off more in the long run.

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