How Big Do Crocodiles Get In Jamaica?

How big do crocodiles get in Jamaica? These animals can get up to five meters or sixteen feet long.  The crocodiles in Jamaica are an important part of their heritage and culture; you can find the image of the crocodile on the country’s coat of arms and many of its military vehicles. But sadly they are on the endangered species list today from being hunted or killed and losing their natural habitat to the ever-growing industries in Jamaica.

Jamaican Crocodiles

There is only one species of crocodile in Jamaica called the American Crocodile, the largest reptile in Jamaica. The American Crocodile is one of the larger species of crocs with males reaching seven to sixteen feet with unconfirmed tales of lengths that can reach up to 23 feet.  Typically, the crocodiles in Jamaica weight in at 882 to 1102 lbs. but some big males have been reported to weight over 2200 lbs.

Crocodile Excursions

American crocodiles are carnivorous—they like to eat meat—but they are not as aggressive as their brothers in Africa which are known to be very dangerous to humans. American Crocodiles in Jamaica like to eat fish and small birds primarily. You will find crocodiles in Jamaica mainly on the southern coast and along the Black River but there are small populations throughout the Jamaican wetlands. The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) of Jamaica advises residents and tourists not to swim in crocodile inhabited waters and if you spot one just stay calm and leave it alone and it will probably leave you alone as well. There are few instances of crocodile attacks but crocs are powerful, wild reptiles whose actions no one can predict. There is plenty to do in the beautiful country of Jamaica with its awesome beaches, but remember to stay in the boat if you go on any excursions through the wetlands or the Black River.

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