How To Bind A Wallet

Learn how to bind a wallet. Wallets are readily available at a lot of stores and malls, but sometimes you want to make a wallet that is more personalized, or you want to make a wallet that is more fitting to what you want to put into it. But you are not sure how to bind your wallet so the wallet doesn't fall apart.

  1. Your choice of material. Get the kind of material you want to make your wallet with. Decide on the kind of design and function of your wallet; a coin section attached, extra slots for cards, etc.
  2. Bind the seams. It depends on the material used to make the wallet as far as how you bind the wallet. A heavy-duty thread and needle will go through leather or other types of heavier fabric. A glue gun, velcro, or zipper would also bind at least parts of the wallet. Use the zipper for the coin section, if that is how you want your wallet set up. That is the benefit of making your own wallet and binding it yourself. You get to decide how and where to put all the different sections.

Using a zipper could actually make binding your wallet more complicated unless you can figure out how to operate a sewing machine a little bit. Velcro might be a better option for binding a wallet or at least the coin compartment because you can get away with hand sewing or possible super glue. You'll want to be careful with the super glue idea too, because you don't want the super glue to dry and then break off during the million and one times you're going to use the velcro compartment of your wallet. Just some things to keep in mind.

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