How To Blacken Motorcycle Tires

You just finished washing your motorcycle and polishing every piece of chrome but you need to blacken your motorcycle tires. Your motorcycle looks amazing, except for the dull tires. If you are like most people, you cannot afford to buy a new set of tires every time you clean your motorcycle. You can learn to blacken your motorcycle tires to make them look amazing.

You can buy many products that make the motorcycle tires bright and glossy but many of these oil based products tend to crack the rubber on the tire or make it brittle. You want to restore the color of the tires without making it shiny and without ruining the rubber. You do not want to use any petroleum based product as it can have adverse affects on the longevity of the motorcycles tire.

To blacken motorcycle tires you will need:

  • Hand Rag
  • Dish Soap
  • Clean Water
  • Sharpie 44001 Magnum Black Ink Marker
  1. Using dish soap and water thoroughly wash your motorcycle tires.
  2. After washing your tires and removing all dust and dirt from the sidewalls let dry.
  3. Using a Sharpie 44001 Magnum black ink marker you can recolor the sidewalls. The Sharpie 44001 is ½ inch wide and you can buy them in packs of 12 for around $25.00. You will use a lot of the Sharpie Magnum markers to blacken your motorcycle tires.

Tips and Warnings

  • You can safely use the Sharpie Magnum 44001 black ink markers to blacken your motorcycle sidewalls but do not use any petroleum or paint based products. The chemicals in petroleum based products will cause your tires rubber to become brittle and or crack.
  • Do not use any waxy substance on the motorcycles tread. Using simple shoe wax on your tires to blacken the tread area is popular but can be unsafe as it changes the grip of the tires. A slick tire on a motorcycle can be lethal.



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