How To Bleed BMW Cooling System

You want to know how to bleed your BMW’s cooling system. Bleeding the BMW’s cooling system is just like doing it to any other car. The bleeder nut is in a different place, but the process is the same. You still want to remove the bubbles out of your system and make your car run properly.

The Things You Will Need:

  • Anti freeze
  • Pair of leather work gloves
  • New radiator cap
  • small bucket to catch old anti freeze


  1. Make sure your BMW’s engine is cold before you work on it. Turn the ignition key on, but do not start the car. Turn the heat on to high and the fan on low. Make sure the car is in park before you work on it.
  2. Open the hood of your BMW and secure it with the safety arm. Put your leather gloves on your hands. Take the radiator cap off the radiator. You may have to push down on the radiator cap and turn it counterclockwise. Inspect the radiator cap and make sure it is in good shape. Change the radiator cap if it needs to be changed.
  3. There will be a plastic bleeder cap near your BMW’s anti freeze expansion tank. Open up the bleed screw to let anti freeze flow through the bleed screw hole. Pour ½ and ½ anti freeze into your radiator. You will see bubbles come out of the bleed screw hole. Continue to pour radiator fluid into your radiator until the bubbles are gone.
  4. Replace the bleed screw and make sure there is enough anti freeze in the radiator fluid (expansion) tank. You will see a filled mark on the radiator fluid reservoir. Make sure the radiator fluid reaches this level. Pour more radiator fluid into the radiator to fill it up. Pour radiator fluid into the expansion tank to fill it up. Put the caps back on the expansion tank and the radiator.
  5. Start the engine of your BMW. Let the car idle until it heats up. Make sure the temperature does not exceed the (half way) point on your BMW’s temperature gage. If this happens, shut off your car and let it cool down. Try this step again. If your car continues to overheat, there may still be too much air in the system. You will have to bleed the system all over again.
  6. You should have finished bleeding your BMW. If it does not overheat, take your BMW for a test drive. Make sure your car does not overheat. If your car runs normally, drive it as you normally would drive your BMW.
  7. Dispose of old anti freeze properly.



Wear leather gloves to protect your skin from anti freeze.

Continued over heating could mean you need to change the thermostat.

Dispose of old anti freeze properly.

Always use ½ and ½ premixed anti freeze.

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