How To Bleed Power Steering

You are going to want to know how to bleed power steering if you are working on your power steering system. Bleeding the power steering system is important because it removes air bubbles out of the system. Removing the bubbles out of the system will prevent damage to the pump, prevent noise in the power steering, and ensure proper power steering operation.

What you will need:

  • Power steering fluid-name brand, premium, or synthetic
  • Floor jack
  • An assistant
  1. Raise front wheels of your car off the ground with your floor jack. Make sure the car is not running when you bleed the power steering system.
  2. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left and have an assistant fill the power steering fluid to the cold level.
  3. Turn the steering wheel slowly back and forth while your assistant checks the power steering fluid. Make sure the fluid level has dropped. If not, you have an air bubble in the system. You will need to bleed the power steering system to remove the air bubble.
  4. Continue to move steering back and forth slowly to bleed the air bubble out of the system. Have your assistant continue to check the fluid level. The fluid should remain steady throughout the bleeding of the power steering.
  5. Wipe off any fluid that has spilled. You will need to clean fluid spills thoroughly to enable you to see any possible leaks in the system.
  6. Continue to turn steering wheel slowly back and forth. This process will remove any air bubbles from the power steering system. This will allow the power steering fluid to flow through the power steering system.
  7. Once you have bled the power steering, check for leaks, fill level to proper lever, and put cap on power steering reservoir.
  8. Turn the engine of your car on. Turn your steering wheel back and forth slowly. Make sure there is no noise and the level remains constant.
  9. Take your car for a test drive. Drive home and check the power steering fluid. Any problems, repeat all above steps. No problems, you have finished bleeding your power steering system.


  • Always have an assistant to help you
  • Use brand name or synthetic power steering fluid
  • Do not use transmission fluid. It was not made for your power steering system
  • Make sure all bubbles are out of your power steering system
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