How To Bling My Tennis Shoes

Have you ever said, "I want to learn how to bling my tennis shoes." Step out of your boring fashion box and learn how to bling your tennis shoes. This simple idea can add years of life to an old pair of shoes, or turn a new pair of tennis shoes into a fashion conversation piece.

  1. Clean the shoes well. When blinging your tennis shoes, you need to start with a completely clean pair. Wipe them down with a dry rag first. Use appropriate cleaners if necessary to remove any scuffs or ground-in dirt. You will need to remove any wax or polish that might have been applied.
  2. Collect your supplies. If you are blinging your tennis shoes made of leather or vinyl, you will need to choose acrylic paint. If your shoes are canvas, choose fabric paint. Select a bonding type glue along with glitter, jewels or beads to attach to your shoes.
  3. Paint first. When you are blinging your tennis shoes, start with painting. Allow the paint to dry completely before going any further.
  4. Add your glitter. Adding glitter is a simple step in blinging your tennis shoes. Apply the glue to the desired area and sprinkle your glitter into place. Shake off any excess glitter and allow to dry.
  5. Finish with jewels or beads. The last step when blinging your tennis shoes should be the addition of any jewels or beads. Apply the glue to the item and then place on the shoe. Hold in place for at least ten seconds to assure the glue holds.
  6. Test drive your shoes. After blinging your tennis shoes, wear them around the house before you go out in public. Assure that no glitter or beads are falling off as you walk.
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