How To Block Gmail

Need to know how to block Gmail? Blocking Gmail messages is seldom heard of because this fantastic email application provides many security features not often found in other email clients. It comes with virtually everything that an ordinary user needs, and Gmail is also a favorite amongst IT professionals. But Gmail isn't completely free from the annoying practices of spammers. Just like other email services, and the costly ones are no exceptions, spammers can still find a way to make you irate with their unwanted, irrelevant messages. Blocking Gmail spam is not really that difficult. It will take only a few moments to learn and it provides continuous security and protection for your authentic email messages, while getting rid of those pesky emails you get from complete strangers or organizations you never even heard of. It is smashing to know though that Gmail offers several ways to get rid of and block spam emails and thrusts them where they belong—directly in the spam folder.

To block spam in Gmail, you will need:

  • A Gmail account
  • A stable internet connection
  • A little patience
  1. Gmail account. When a spam message hits your inbox, mark it for selection as you identify it. After you are done marking the spam messages, just click the second tab in your Gmail commands at the top of your inbox, labeled "Report Spam." What this does is it moves the sender of the unwanted messages to the spam folder automatically and blocks any future emails from those identified spammers.
  2. Permanent deletion. After moving your unwanted emails to the spam folder, you can now get rid of them forever—and that's done with just one click! Why would you delete one spam message at a time when you can delete them all at once? It's very easy to do, actually, with Gmail. You just click the tab located at the top of your spam messages. It's the only one, so you'll never miss it. Besides, it is labeled appropriately—"Delete all spam messages now."
  3. The internet and patience. Spammers and scammers on the internet are not going away anytime soon. Be patient and combat them with the security software provided by Gmail. Soon you will get fewer spam messages, if you block them appropriately.

It's not fun going through a hundred spam emails each time you open and check your email account. Don't let that happen by implementing the anti-spam features and protection of Gmail. It is your best friend and watchdog out there in cyberspace, protecting you and keeping your privacy safe and secure.

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