How To Block A GPS Signal

If you feel that your privacy is being invaded by your modern lifestyle, then you need to learn how to block a GPS signal. GPS is arguably one of best invention in modern history. It gives us directions and helps us find locations. However, like all other technological innovations, GPS is traceable. Theoretically speaking, someone with the right knowledge can find out where you are all the time. Fear not, there are ways you can block a GPS signal, thus hide you location.

  1. Physically isolate the signal. This is perhaps the easiest way to block a GPS signal. Remember, your GPS is receiving a signal from the satellite, so if you block that signal by using metal such as lead, then your GPS signal simply cannot go through. If you are trying to block small device’s GPS signal, you might want to consider buying a lead holster.
  2. Disable the antenna. The difficulty of this technique can vary depends on your model. Many GPS have an external removable antenna. You can block a GPS signal by simply removing the antenna. However, this method may not work for all type of GPS. Some GPS has internal antenna, which can complicate the process. Some even have fused antenna, which makes it impossible to detach.
  3. Buy a GPS signal jammer. This method is convenient and simple, and it works for just about all the GPS signals. To block a GPS signal, you would have to buy a GPS jammer. It is large enough to disable any GPS signal in a vehicle. You can buy these devices easily by doing a simple search on Google.


  • This article only intends to be informative. Please do not use it for any possible criminal activities.
  • Law of certain countries may prohibit purchase and use of GPS jammers. Please use it according to your local law and regulations.
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