How To Block Hotel Rooms For A Wedding

If you are planning on having a wedding away from home or having lots of guests in from out of town, you'll want to learn how to block hotel rooms for a wedding. Although it may seem to be expensive, it's not and it often requires very little in the way of a deposit. However, that depends on each individual hotel. You'll find that this is a service that will help make your guests' lives easier.

  1. Get a count of approximately how many rooms you'll need. After you send out a "Save the Date" invitation, try to casually talk to people to see who is likely to come to your wedding and who will need help with accommodations. Because you want to have the rooms blocked before sending out a formal invitation (which will likely include instructions on how to get one of the blocked rooms), it's important to try to get an accurate count. For example, if a family is coming, see if they all plan on staying in one room. Most hotels require at least a minimum of ten rooms in order to reserve a block of rooms for your wedding day.
  2. Make a list of your top choices for hotels in the area of your wedding. Call them from the top choice to the bottom choice of the hotels you like. When it comes to planning your wedding, don't bother calling hotels you don't like. Only include winners on this list. Before you speak with each and every hotel on the list, avoid making a commitment unless you have one specific place in mind that you must have. Additionally, if you are getting married in a hotel, you'd obviously want to block rooms at only that hotel.
  3. Do comparison pricing for the rates at that particular weekend or night. You may do this by calling hotels and asking for general rates. You may also opt for websites like Priceline or Expedia. Shop around so you are giving your guests the best deal. Nobody wants to go in and realize they're spending twice as much as they would have next door.
  4. Consider combining services for a better deal for you and your guests. If you are having the banquet at the hotel, for example, hotel management may work with you on reserving a block of rooms less than ten or provide other deals or amenities for your guests. Try to speak to the hotel manager for a great deal and to initiate a relationship with someone high up in the hotel where you plan on staying.
  5. Ask about the terms of the block of rooms. For example, you want to see if there are hidden fees or cancellation charges. Make sure to read the fine print, even if it's sent to you by electronic means, before committing to block those hotel rooms.
  6. Try to book the block of rooms at least six months in advance. You want to make sure that an inexpensive room will be available for anybody who wants to attend your wedding.
  7. Let all of your guests know about the block of hotel rooms that are available. Some guests that don't live too far may even want to get in on the party perhaps because they like hotels or don't want to worry about drinking and driving after the wedding. It's a great service to present to each of your guests.
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