How To Block Internet Radio

Need to know how to block radio internet? Whether you are a home or business computer user or simply do not want the expanded bandwidth associated with an internet radio there are a variety of ways to block internet radio.

  1. Port closing or port blocking firewalls such as Kerio will assist in blocking internet radio by program design or by allowing the user to add the address or the name to block internet radio.
  2. You can also type start, run, netstat to see a list of connections currently running in your computer. The associated internet address or name of the internet broadcaster can then be blocked by adding it to your internet security providers block list. To add the internet broadcaster's address or name to your browser block list click tools, options, privacy (may be listed under advanced or advanced privacy depending on the browser used). Password protect your user account so settings can not be altered by another user. This may be a good option as one major company offers an internet radio option while downloading music.
  3. Also search dangerous ports in your search browser. This will help you to know which ports that are not used for every day work or research. Block the port manually through your internet security provider.
  4. There are also various blocking programs available that can block internet radio. These programs will show other programs, processes, files and some will even show hidden files that run sometimes without knowledge or permission. The programs will allow the process or file to be killed on start up with a continuous block. Some of these programs are free while others come with a free trial period. Research terms of usage  then download or purchase if desired.
  5. Businesses can also purchase content blocking filters. They may give an initial trial period free to see if the program is what the business needs. The business owner can then choose to block internet radio permanently or for a block of time as desired.
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