How to Block Punches wih MMA Gloves

MMA is definitely a unique type of combat sport, and one factor that makes this so is the size of gloves used in competition. These gloves are much smaller, and are designed this way in order to encourage the grappling and submission aspects of the sport. However, blocking punches can be much more difficult to deal with since the bigger gloves worn in a sport such as boxing do no exist in the cage. Here are some of the basic ways how to block punches with MMA gloves.

  1. One of the more common techniques is called the “hair brush.” The name does quite well in describing the technique, as you reach your hand back to your head as if combing your hair. Your arm will bend at the elbow, with your forearm or biceps taking the blow. Remember, the MMA gloves are much smaller, so in this instance you will have to tighten up the hair brush in order for the punch to not get through. With smaller gloves, it makes the area covered by your glove much smaller, as well as the area needed for the punch to slip in. If you do not tighten the distance between the biceps and forearm, a solid hook could slip through and end the fight.
  2. Parry  The best way to describe a parry is to call it a slap. You’re basically slapping the punch, or nudging it out of the way. Don’t reach or slap too hard, as your opponent can then use this to his or her advantage by faking and coming back with another punch to where your parry just vacated. One thing you will always hear in any fight is to keep your hands up! Just a small nudge usually will do, as this is a game of inches, and slightly bumping a punch off course could mean they miss you completely, or land the blow somewhere it will just be an annoyance.
  3. Hide behind your arms. This isn’t the best option, as you typically lose sight of your opponent, and hooks can almost always make it through. Pinch your forearms together, with your hands slightly above your head. Again, keep it tight as MMA gloves are much smaller, and these punches will hurt much more.


      Of course there are many other techniques to be used in MMA, but these are some of the most basic options available. However, as offense is usually the best defense, just punch the other person before they have a chance to come after you.

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